"This amazing cooking class is taught by two moms who used to be teachers. The kids cook a full meal and eat it while the moms hang out in another room. I was unbelievably impressed with the class and the women who ran it. The kids were singing, listening and fully engaged the entire time working on so many different skills. I highly recommend it. My daughter ate things I have never seen her eat and left feeling so proud of herself."

Mother of Sienna, Age 3½

Kulinary Kids NYC meets at our home once a week so I am able to observe from the side the enjoyment not only our daughter gets from the class but the enjoyment from all of the kids. It has been amazing for our daughter to welcome in our home some existing and new friends and to come around the table and cook as a group with a talented, professional, kind hearted and patient teacher. Each week our daughter waits eagerly to find out what they are cooking and what color it will be. She is still talking about dishes she made weeks ago and has asked me to replicate them at home. In particular the yellow squash pie was a huge hit.

Mother of Maya, Age 4 1/2

The kitchen always seems to be a place where everyone gathers-Memories are made, lessons are learned and traditions are created. My daughter can't wait until Wednesday when she meets with all her friends to create another delicious recipe with Daniela and Dana. I'm not much of a cook, but my daughter loves to be busy in the kitchen. She is more willing to try new things and her menu has expanded. Maybe there is hope for this "take-out" queen yet! Thank you Kulinary Kids NYC!

Mother of Tasha, Age 4

My 5 year old wakes up every Tuesday, wondering what he is going to cook after school with Daniela and Kulinary Kids NYC.

He loves this class!

Aside from learning the basics of a wide variety of recipes and a wonderful appreciation for food, there are always related arts and crafts projects and reading while the yummy treats are cooking.

Class size is small and personal, Daniela is a great teacher and all around cool mom, and when I pick up every week I get hungry just from the delicious smells that hit me at the front door.

Mother of Calvin, Age 5

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