Kulinary Kids NYC is a cooking class for children ages 3 and older that will teach your child how to prepare simple foods in the comfort of their own home. During the weekly 1 hour class, we will be teaching the basic safety skills, fundamentals and techniques of cooking. This experience is designed to strengthen important areas of learning and development such as socialization and task-completion. We believe that it is not the outcome of the recipe but the joy of learning that makes a child a "Kulinary Kid."

Kulinary Kids NYC was created when we, Daniela Ben-Zion and Dana Ravner, reconnected years after teaching in the same New York City nursery school. Together we decided to apply our love of teaching and children to our passion for cooking. As mothers of young children, we know how hard it is to feed a picky eater. We have found that involving our boys in the experience of preparing meals has opened their palates. Children will eagerly eat something they have prepared themselves. They enjoy the process as much as the "yummy" results.

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